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The Sailor Bespoke Ribbed fountain pen features a ribbed body and cap that are reminiscent of the 1940's Waterman 100 Year fountain pen, designed by John Vassos. The ribbed feature adds texture to the barrel, helping to keep it securely in your hand, while adding a visual element as well. The Sailor Bespoke Ribbed fountain pen is a cartridge-converter pen that can be filled with bottled ink using the Sailor converter or proprietary cartridges, both of which are included.

As one of a select few retailers who are authorized to offer Sailor Bespoke pens, we offer these Sailor Ribbed fountain pens with Sailor's exclusive Bespoke specialty nibs such as the Naginata-Togi and many more. Due to high demand, some of the Nagahara specialty nibs are unavailable at this time, and we will not list those nibs on our site until they are available. In addition, some Bespoke pen models and certain Naginata-Togi nibs could take 6 months to arrive from Japan. Please feel free to call us at 920-997-8220 or Contact Us for our current inventory.

A detailed description of the Sailor standard and Bespoke Specialty nibs can be found Here.

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